Poems About New Love

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  • New Love (9) 7

    by Kai Sin Gan

    What's Love?
    Is it a promise...

  • New Love (10) 10

    by Andrew Chan

    When I first saw you
    I felt suffocate...

  • New Love (7) 10

    by Nurin Izanie

    You were once my 4 seasons,
    but I despised cold the most...

  • New Love (16) 11 WIN

    by Chai Cristina

    A lock with a key,
    A spoon with a fork...

  • New Love (11) 10

    by benpopslambmonkey

    Its time to let go,
    the previous soulmate...

  • Love's Rhythm

    by Walter

    When you smiled with your eyes
    As if to say hello...

  • Your green hair

    by El_Mabini

    Your green hair,
    Lights up the world...

  • His youth

    by El_Mabini

    His youth brought sun's warmth,
    To an old soul's stonecold heart...

  • Triton

    by DarkNDangerous

    Oh the triton calls for me,
    On the edge of the seas...

  • Sweetheart, please hold me,
    hold me tight for I might fall...

  • Loves In The Air (1) 1

    by Walter

    What can't be described
    When she walks in the room...

  • Love is earned and always shared
    From the time that it's declared...