Poems About New Love

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  • Red

  • All I Know (2) 2

    by AnnaCG

    Spring crawls slowly forward,
    Chasing away cold winter nights...

  • In the middle of the night time,
    in the midst of our ruffled sheets...

  • Our hearts

    by Indigo

    We were given 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arm, and 2 legs...
    Why is that...

  • The Barista

    by Elijah Aguilar

    Coffee, ice cold, hot, americano, espresso
    The beautiful blend of imported mature beans...

  • echoes of inflicted surrender. (3) 3

    by Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    Yes darling,
    It's hard to hold every fall and fly all at once...

  • The Castle Made Of Sand (3) 1

    by Muhammad Amiruddeen

    The Castle
    If only I can see it clearly...

  • It Was 1

    by alexis karpouzos

    It was you,
    it was me...

  • To Farah

    by Moussa

    Farah, when i met you,
    I just wanna fly, a little bit high...

  • Looking closer into your eyes,
    Moving closer to your arms...

  • A New Start (1) 1

    by Dominique Lewis

    Kicked out of home and I am all alone,
    Scared and homeless but that's not all...

  • Desert Rose 1

    by MariAnn C.

    A longing I've never known
    Enthralls me, captures me...