Poems About New Love

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  • Seeing Stars 2

    by Walter

    There is something that we share
    A smile, a touch, a hug, a stare...

  • Can I, Should I?

    by Katrynn

    To think, you could flirt with me at his funeral!
    Yet somehow, you wooed me...

  • Our Dog Day Of Summer: (1) 1

    by Scott Cole

    Those sunny Heavens did shine down on us
    That smultery midday July the fourth...

  • Like This (4) 4

    by Kate

    The night was warm but the rain was cold
    Your eyes the color of obsidian stone...

  • Crazy Love

    by marvellous efe/ bwoy Finex

    CRAZY LOVE by finex_jemi/M.E
    Here i am, sunk in a river of love...

  • My Marine (2) 2

    by MariAnn C.

    You hold me
    And touch a new place inside me...

  • Set Me Free (4) 2

    by Khadz

    One minute you say we're a team
    Then you're telling me you can't breathe...

  • My love 1

    by Joleen knowles

    When I was younger
    I used to dream of being Jasmine...

  • Daydreamer (2) 4

    by Em

    I've often wondered about gazing into your eyes
    whether it'd be the same as I've often dreamt...

  • Jump (7) 4

    by Maud

    A part of you wants to scream.
    Wants to say, don't do this again, it's not worth...

  • Dear Future Lover (2) 3

    by Guilty By Design

    Someday I’ll brush the hair off your face
    And you’ll pick an eyelash off my cheek...

  • One Day

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    When the suns rays
    Once again, warms our days...