Poems About New Love

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  • Cold Hard Truth

    by Nicole Johnson

    I’ve never been too good at letting myself get...
    My heart is a tattered mess that no one can patch...

  • The Old Recliner (2) 2

    by Nicole Johnson

    Happiness was sitting in the old worn down...
    Happiness used to be sitting shotgun in a car with...

  • Cautious

    by Karin Erlacher

    Roadblock here, wall up there
    Taking a tour of your mind...

  • Don't Ever Go

    by Karin Erlacher

    I'm not sure how to write what I want to
    Like all the things that I want to do with you...

  • All I Need

    by Karin Erlacher

    I wish I had the time
    To spill my mind...

  • Apex - Sonnet 2

    by Walter

    Just when does friendship and love cross the line?
    Is this distinct, straight away will we know...

  • Passing Thoughts 1

    by Walter

    I have realised love
    Does not always form...

  • Vulnerable 1

    by Guilty By Design

    I want to know who you are at 3am
    When the world is silent...

  • Today I have no map
    on where I want to go...

  • Tender Love 1

    by yogi73

    Tender love and our tender years
    how they have passed. I sift to find...

  • Magic 1

    by Guilty By Design

    Soft sighs, sharp circles
    I don’t want ordinary...

  • Around In Circles (2) 1

    by Walter

    Do you remember our first date
    Roller skating in the rink...