Poems About New Love

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  • Jacó

    by Kate

    Your eyes remind me of Jacó;
    They seize me like the moon does the waves...

  • Natural Disaster (1) 1

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Love is a natural disaster,
    There's no way you won't fall...

  • My Beacon (2) 1

    by Randy Lee

    My Beacon
    The sun is rising on a new day...

  • Dear Little Pie 1

    by Eros

    Taste so sweet
    The way you bite...

  • gratitude

    by koifishblues

    i used to think that you hurt and degraded me...
    you have been like lead, you have been like...

  • Even Cupid Himself (1) 1

    by Kate

    Your laugh could woe even Cupid himself,
    Make the Devil drop a slave to his knees...

  • Crush (Accrostic) 1

    by P o e m e l o

    Classic days are gone.
    Realization came across one's mind...

  • A rounding curve (1) 2

    by Skyfire

    You told me again
    and again...

  • A new Catalyst (1) 1

    by Adam Murphy

    My heart ablaze, a raging fire,
    Within me burns a fierce desire...

  • Drifters (1) 2

    by Kate

    Two lonesome seeds adrift in separate gales
    Wore their hearts upon uneasy sleeves...

  • Our First Kiss (2) 1

    by Golden AnGel Rhapsodist

    I still remember the awkward moment when we first...
    That look, that froze me and rooted me when you...

  • Samara (2) 1

    by -s

    In my own world.
    Feeling hazy, in a whirl...