Poems About New Love

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  • Passing Attraction 1

    by Walter

    Sometimes the moon will speak to me
    Just as you do with words...

  • Dream 1

    by Dino Dhamphyr

    Dreams don't lie, they paint the sky,
    With hope and grace...

  • Comfort Touch 1 WIN

    by Vera Flatt

    Your fingers
    Drag across my skin...

  • You spin me around until I can barely breathe.
    Let's lay and let the rain wash us clean...

  • Stay With Me

    by Vera Flatt

    Our kisses will be
    The embers of our fire...

  • BEAutiful Feeling 1

    by Enrico Miguel Ulep Catolico

    The way I saw you yesterday it was beautiful;
    I was waiting for you to come back...

  • I'm drunk on love and falling hard.
    The taste of coffee, your strawberry hair...

  • What I Know Now.

    by Melatonin Maniac

    I would have rather died than to have been gay.
    At least that what I used to think...

  • Across The Moonlit Lake 2

    by NightFlyer

    For my love that ever reaches thee in the dead of...
    Across forested hills, its voice in ghostly echoes...

  • Into You 1

    by Dino Dhamphyr

    In every moment, like a steady heartbeat,
    Thoughts of you echo through my mind...

  • In ymest depths, a yearning doth enfold,
    An unseeded love, a tale yet untold...

  • Jacó (1) 1

    by Kate

    Your eyes remind me of Jacó;
    They seize me like the moon does the waves...