by ScarlettaNoir   Sep 7, 2008

Walls of unbreakable glass surround me
Wires of the machines attach me
A world of pain, undying hunger, I am now part of
They watch, staring through the glass
Their monitors reading, observing my mortality

Scalpels cut through slowly
Suits they wear closely
Something is inside me, something they see as bio-hazard
They cut, keeping an eye on the white monitor
The screen with green lettering, it knows what I am

Voices sound puzzled, uncertain what to say
Blood looks darker, not so red anymore
Terror fills their eyes, Hunger fills mine
They yell, about needing stronger quarantine
The monitor turned red, a big biohazard insignia

More wires are attached
More restraints are added
I feel it boiling, something sinister in my blood
They should run, they stay for surgery
They should hide, the monitor isn't watching them

Ice coats my flesh
Hunger bites my nerves
I want to scream, this monster in my veins
They stare, something is visible
One backs off, they know what red means

Death, I feel is one in me
Humanity, I feel is faded
I gain power in my will, my need to feed
They scream, I break my restraints
In blood, one soon falls, they should have watched the screen

All are screaming
All are dying
I rip out my wires, no longer part of their machine
The glass is not so unbreakable
The monitors can't see everything

Quarantine is breached
Evacuate the building
The overhead warns, I know not all listen
Humans are foolish, to trust their curiosity so
If they would have watched the screen, this wouldn't have occurred

The white walls have fresh paint
Red is a better color
Soon the city will fall, as will humanity
I am the virus
I am the apocalypse

And no quarantine can restrain me...


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  • 9 years ago

    by meganmarie

    This was a veru intreuging poem. i love it. beautifully written. deep, emotional and powerful. goodjob.

  • 10 years ago

    by Rachel RTVW

    Thought provoking. It could have done without all those filler words though....wonder why someone would nominate the poem and not even bother to leave you a comment on it. I think with a little tweaking, it could be much better.