His Past & Present

by babyPB   Sep 10, 2008

Intro: 9/10 True Story...
How it ended with the same guy as my previous poem, First Day Of School Romance ...

It seemed so perfect,
I thought he's the one
But the next thing I know,
He's already gone.

He told me the news
An hour after nine.
"My ex is pregnant
And the baby is mine."

I was confused on how to react,
I didn't know what to do.
But I managed to say,
"I'm really happy for you."

He's now hers again,
With a baby on the way.
I think around March will be
The little one's birthday.

I'm completely helpless
With the entire situation.
I can still feel our cuddles,
However, it's just my imagination.

Everything feels different now
But I'm not mad.
I'm just missing the moments
Him & I had.

His present is done
Because of his past.
But I know our friendship
Will always last.

No matter what happens,
I'll always care.
No matter what happens,
I'll be there.

Te Quiero Christian.


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