I wanna...

by Kaetaj   Oct 15, 2008

I wanna believe
That you really love me
Love me
And put no one about me.
I wanna believe
That one day you want me to be your wife
And you love me so much
You would surrender your life.
I wanna believe
You wouldn't do me wrong
Because our love
Our love is too strong.
I wanna believe
The things that aren't possible
And my love for you
Is something thats not stoppable,
I can't stop
Even though I try so hard
It's not that easy
Cause your always in my heart.
I wanna believe
That you would never hurt me bad.
I wanna believe
You'll never make me feel sad.
I wanna believe
That I'm your one and only
When I feel sad,
All I want you to do is hold me.
But I wanna believe
That you really love me,
Love me and put no one above me,
Do you?

---by my cousin kurllz. Ma


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