Loving Him

by StuPiD FrEaK   Oct 18, 2008

It was late November
You just told her
And it hurts me much to know that she is better
Glimpse of yours and stares,
Wish that I don't care
But how could I when everything's so bare

She was the girl you love
And I was the one to make her fall for you
When I have meant to love you, too.
Why do I have to say
When it is you who has to tell her those
The words I'd love to hear the most

Weeks had passed after
Heard that you've been shattered
She has left you and said this love's no better
I tried to make you see
She's not the girl for thee
But how could I persuade a heart who loved a girl so dear

And as a friend I tried
To make the two of you back again
Why can I just wait for it to end?
Is this what love can do?
Even though you hurt you try to make
The one you love to never break

It was then the day
It was the wedding on May
How I wished I was the one with the bouquet
You hugged me then and tried to say
"You're the best of friends God made
I thank you much friend Dave."


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  • 10 years ago

    by Faithless

    Ouch this kindda reminds me of the movie My best friends wedding... love the poem and love the way u end it ... keep it up;)