Poems About Secret Love

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  • Im shadow.

    by shadows of saber

    I nearly opened my heart again.
    For it was you who made it stop again...

  • Depths

    by AnotherDay24

    Wasn't this what I wanted?
    Why'd you have to come back...

  • Moths

    by AnotherDay24

    Your beautiful smile
    And the sound of your laughter...

  • Salt & Lime

    by AnotherDay24

    I don't want to talk about
    What I should or shouldn't do...

  • 2009, part 2

    by AnotherDay24

    The blue sky
    Is watching as i sleep tonight...

  • 2009, part 1

    by AnotherDay24

    No one but the moon
    Could see the smile I wore last night...

  • Bare and Naked

    by AnotherDay24

    I could come up with all the cryptic ways
    To reach out to you...

  • Storm

    by AnotherDay24

    My soul has become an endless desert
    Unforgiving, hardened, and arid...

  • Our story's not written in the stars
    But we claimed the moon and made it ours...

  • Do You Think of Me

    by AnotherDay24

    We haven't talked for so long
    Now tell me...

  • Smoke Rings

    by AnotherDay24

    Blowing smoke rings on the patio
    You said you'd quit when we both know...

  • Dirty Little Secret

    by AnotherDay24

    I couldn't see your face
    And you couldn't see mine...