Poems About Secret Love

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  • A Rose? 1

    by Shae

    You're so beautiful
    You're such a rose...

  • Shiver (4) 4

    by Oceanloveisland

    Take my hand...

  • To miss the boat (3) 4

    by Rog

    Talk to me
    next time...

  • Easiest thing 1

    by Girandole

    It was when I walked onto the wrong door
    You laughed and pulled me away...

  • Precious

    by Aabraham Anyadike

    I went into those eyes when u pulled up laughter...
    I couldn't say goodbye to how it approached me...

  • white theeme

    by John Jack

    The winter covers world in white.
    I stay at evening cold and hollow...

  • Debbie is cleansed so
    does not need reminding of...

  • Once true and trusted, best of best
    By love was brought to deep unrest...

  • in gentle flames (4) 5

    by Shruti

    the sky is a mulberry pink
    with tiny specks of the winter moon...

  • Professed Love Heals 1

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    When you love someone,
    You tell them...

  • You and me 1

    by Zetta Yale

    To manifest into reality the future I see with you...

  • My 15 Y/o Mind (2) 1

    by Shae

    Isn't it strange?
    That i feel so inclined...