Poems About Secret Love

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  • I'm Over It

    by Yanett C.

    I came to realize while you were gone, 
    that I no longer wanted this...

  • My 15 Y/o Mind (1) 1

    by Shae

    Isn't it strange?
    That i feel so inclined...

  • Can't wait

    by Tommy

    I can't help but wait to see your face and feel...
    Like a kid at fair when they win the grand prize...

  • Mystery

    by Ky

    I think that I would like to see,
    What life would be like...

  • Forbidden sparks (2) 1

    by Shining Stars

    I think about that night all the time
    And wonder where it all changed...

  • Complicated afterglow (4) 3

    by Shining Stars

    We’ve really made a mess for ourselves huh?
    Standing in the living room with brad paisley...

  • Liar

    by McGeek

    Out of every scam, robbery and con you've ever...
    But I'm on borrowed faith, nothing left to sell...

  • Unrequited 1

    by Matt Carroll

    I just wish that you saw me the same
    That we weren't caught up in this game...

  • Falling... 2

    by Gracy Judith

    your eyes
    remind me of the ocean...

  • In the darkest of mist
    There stands an Angel...

  • A Glimpse

    by Shae

    Just a glimpse of you will make my day
    I get only a glimpse any way...

  • Unexpected Blessing

    by MythicaRaine

    twenty four hours is all it took
    to form this intense connection...