Poems About Secret Love

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  • When in the world grows the dark cold
    and the empty desolation...

  • Night Call (2) 3

    by Kate

    A thin band of light wraps around my wrist from...
    As we lay in a breathless moment in your bed...

  • dancer (1) 3

    by tobias kinti

    shes a

  • Things Unsaid 1

    by EazyNg

    The temperature of the cup of triple mocha
    cools my hand...

  • It never happens (1)

    by Nathan

    The drizzle that went down
    And wetted your black oiled hair...

  • It was a secret gaze 1


    Our College phycology class was in a packed room...
    At recess, I strolled to the lovely lake with the...

  • Yin Yin 2

    by zvikov chirema

    Spring has come, flowers bloom
    With the rising sun, I'll think of you...

  • Why 1

    by ImTheGirl

    And today I asked God to forgive me
    For the sins I did not know...

  • If I Loved Her (1) 1

    by Anne Moore

    If I loved her
    I'd tuck the...

  • Skree Skree (2) 1

    by E

    PUNCH YOURSELF or i will maybe be fine be nice and...

  • Barbecue (2) 2

    by Catchy

    I sat gently underneath the lights,
    inhaling this aromatic barbecue smoke...

  • Midnight-shaped fates (3) 6

    by Ya----Na

    I still remember
    how the bird of madness...