If only you knew

by wendy   Oct 18, 2008

Knowing that your heart breaks slowly,
Knowing that your world shatters without warning,
Knowing you're giving up and losing your battle,
If only you knew I'm falling with you.

Sharing your pain,
hearing your sorrow,
hoping that I can somehow make it all vanish,
If only you knew I fall right beside you each and every time.

I see past your smile,
I hear past your excuses,
I see right through your walls,
I know it's killing you inside,
If only you knew I'm dying with you.

You don't let me help,
You don't confide in me the things that haunt you,
You don't let me tear down the walls that surround you,
If only you knew I fight twice as hard just to be strong for you.

I couldn't live without you,
The simple thought shatters my heart,
That silly dream that made me cry for hours,
I hope you know a person can die from sadness.

I've never laughed harder with anyone else,
I've never been so understood,
I've never been myself completely around anyone that wasn't you,
If only you knew you make things better even on a cloudy day.

You became part of my life,
You became part of my family,
You became a person I could never lose,
If only you knew you're more like a sister not just a friend.

I don't know how to fix you when you feel broken,
I don't know how to cure your heart-aches,
I don't know how to fight everyone who hurts you,
If only you knew I try anyway.

I wish things happened differently,
I wish it was like the good-old-days,
I wish we saw each other like we used to,
If only you knew I miss you more everyday.

Sometimes I think I'm too protective,
Sometimes I think I annoy you,
Sometimes I think I'm too close to you,
If only you knew it's because I'm afraid to lose you.

Never had a friend like you,
Never knew a friend could be like you,
Never thought I could trust someone as much as I trust you,
It's funny how you snuck up on me and made yourself comfortable in my heart

If only you knew I don't even know when we became best friends but I cherish that moment every single day.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by wendy

    Awh thank you! I love to write for my friends...it's the best way to explain myself. That was for my friends who don't always know how to talk to me =)

  • 9 years ago

    by Natures Calling

    Beautiful poem. I LOVED all of it. it was soo deep and had so much meaning. i love how it describes the problems with friends like when they wont tell you things and how you have to be the strong one. reminds me sooo much of some people. beautiful write though. it was just touching as all get out. keep up the good work.