Lady Sings the Blues

by Torrence   Nov 17, 2008

Dust thick in the spotlight
Piano keys cry
I see hate, or something more wild
Dance slowly in her eyes
Her voice quakes as her heart breaks
For the hundredth time
Her soul grieves, pain never leaves
Lit again with every rhyme
And the words they come
Through labored breaths
Heart beating fast
And can't find rest
It is a solemn fate
To hear her lose
Her love each night
As lady sings the blues.

And she sings like a ghost back from haunting the night
As her eyes scan the crowd, hoping she might
Catch some bit of sorrow or a tiny bit of praise
That sometime she'll find her way out of this some day
But that saxophone howls and she calls out his name
The crowd feels the anguish, the heartbreak, the pain
She hands it off to them, with a verse of her soul
They bury thoughts in their drinks afraid to be made whole
Until the music it dies like the dreams they all shared
Shaken awake by the silence wondering why they'd cared
But she's given us something we could never refuse
Since you can't leave unchanged when lady sings the blues.

The night's colder now as you walk along home
Neath the same snowy skies, on the same darkened road
The silence is solemn though your thoughts bring no peace
The winds screams like a band giving a sad string of beats
And the lady's song stuck firmly, replayed in your head
And you know you can't lay down, find no rest in your bed
So you wander the city streets with no destination
Seeking salvation for your soul's trepidation
Aimless and haunted, by beauty and misery's muse
You've never cried, nor smiled so wide, as when lady sings the blues.


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  • 9 years ago

    by miracle

    Wow beautifuly written. i love the images in the poem. i loved it.