I Don't Have..

by NiCoLe ErIn   Dec 5, 2008

I don't have the words
That you want me to say
You can put them in my mouth
But it won't feel the right way

I don't have the answers
To the questions you're asking tonight
You want me to be miserable without you
But I know I'll be alright

I don't have the hope
That you have in your heart
Because of it I'm left with disappointment
And all around me is falling apart

I don't have the time
To wait for you forever
I would do anything for you
Even though we're not together

I don't have the trust
That I used to have in you
You cheated all the time
You can't be true

I don't have the butterflies
You used to give me
I thought I couldn't live without you
But you're not something I need

I don;t have the love
I used to for you anymore
It ended the day
You walked out the door

I don;t have our picture
In my favorite frame
And I ripped off the lettering
That spelled out your name

I don;t have your number
On speed dial in my phone
Telling me to call to hangout
You not answering, me all alone

I don;t have our memories
Constantly on my mind
I;m trying to forget
And new memories to find

I don't have the poems
That you used to write
I stopped reading them
Before bed at night

I don't have the heart
To get played like it's okay
I remember the little games
You'd play everyday

I don't have the strength
To live with a broken heart
The moment you said good-bye
Everything fell apart

I don't have the sparkle
That used to be in my eyes
It faded every time
You told one of many lies

I don't have the CD
You made with our song
I threw it out the window
The first night you were gone

I don't have the feelings
I had when we first met
I regret what I did
And you're something I try to forget

I don't have the will
To give you a third chance
I wish I could
But there's an end to every romance

I don't have the shirt
With your basketball number and name
I can't believe I wore it
To each and every game

I don't have to power
To loose you again
I did it once
But after two, what would I do

And I don't have you
Because we're not meant to be
And I'm not going to pretend
I'm who you want me to be.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by CountlessMoments

    Ohh GREAT job, this poem is my all time favorite. omg! this poem is what im feeling right now. he tells me to call him the next day and if i like hangout, but everytime i call him, he doesnt answer ;[ i LOVE this poem. keep writing!!

  • 9 years ago

    by Hawaiian Chick

    This is an amazing poem! You did an awesome job! I loved it!