Andre - The Man I Love more every Christmas 2008

by Janine Meyer   Dec 11, 2008

When I look in Your eyes,
I see all the things that you are:
There is a twinkle that sometimes appears when you are talking about beautiful things in this world,
The things that are so important to you.

When I hear your voice.
I hear the sweetest sound I have ever heard.
When you say, I LOVE YOU,
It touches me in a way no other words ever have or ever will touch me again.

When I see your face.
I see a man who has so much depth.
Your face reflects a bittersweet past and holds so much hope for the future.
It is an honest and trusting face with a boyish quality that is so rare in a world that makes us grow old before our time.

When you hold me.
You have a way like magic of making me feel so peaceful, secure and content with my world and everything that is around me.
Life is a wonderful in your arms.
A place I thought I would never find.

When you love me.
That is the greatest gift of all.
You give me an unselfish, undemanding, unihibited kind of love,
That I thought only existed in my dreams.
You have filled an empty space inside of me,
And now I feel that I am complete.

Your love has given me life,
And now,
With you,
My life is full of Love.

Merry Christmas from the on Who Loves You Madly xx


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