Questioning heart

by dirtyhands   Jan 9, 2009

Who are you to tickle my heart just by your smiles?
freezes me by the glance of your face
leaving me speachless as you start telling the trials that you been trough,
making me think of what am i to you
are you true as you say those words?
Or are you just putting me in a curse?

im always confused of your true intention,
my mind is filled of good and bad thoughts
are you numb or just pretending?
an angel in disguise, a sweet pretender

its been a week from the first time i met you
but it takes just a week to fall on you
for a short time you didn't noticed that you have touched my stoned heart,
and slowly, accidentaly turned into a real one

for this moment, can you hear it? as it shouts your name
flexibly, exited for the sound of yours.
does it beat like mine? does it sound the same?
am I just assuming?please tell me, i'm turning insane

i'm scared to loose you but i'm afraide to have you,
i'm afraide that i might get hurt and be wasted
i don't want to love you but im falling for you
i want to stop, but my heart is stronger than my mind

but for now, i just want to be there for you,
i want to hold you until my skin sheds blood,
blue swirls in ur sky,
the sun kisses the ground, the wind carries my tears
I want to be there and hold you forever
while my heart gently screams, I love you...


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  • 9 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    I like this. It read like a story. Very detailed and well written. I felt so much love and happiness in this. Very deep. Keep it up. Shanik

  • 9 years ago

    by meganmarie

    Awwwww. perfect. sweet, deep, full of raw emotion. beautifully written.