My angel, was it a dream?

by Vera   Jan 12, 2009

I reached into the sky
and i hoped
that you can feel me

I try to touch your face
but you are just
to far away.

I wait for you
to turn your head
to turn, and look at me
with those eyes
that I can no longer see

My face
cover in tears,
because without you
there is only agony.

My voice is hidden...
because without you
words no longer have a meaning

I run to where you are
and suddenly
you stop in your tracks
I hold my breath
and stay there paralyzed

And for the first time
you turn, and you look at me in the eyes.
you say "oh, my dear love.
don't, please don't cry anymore."

I ran into your arms
and for the first time
I try my hardest not to cry.

You hugged me in your arms
and you hummed
my favorite lullaby.

I woke up from my dream
with my face
cover in tears.
but for the first time in weeks
it was for joy
not for agony

I turn, and right there,
in front of me
lies a feather
from your beautiful
and bright angel wings.

By Damaury Escotto.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Hawaiian Chick

    I absolutely loved it! I've felt the same for someone and it truely is agony! You expressed it so well! 5/5!