Set free

by sezz   Jan 18, 2009

I can't believe all the pain
I let you put me through
Trusting you was truly wrong
I guess I never knew

The fact that you had used me
The betrayal and the hurt
It always seems to happen
Guys treat me like dirt

Everything I gave up
It's such a waste it seems
The pain I'm still going through
Locked away inside my dream

The embarrassment of telling
The look of shock on their face
I'd rather die or disappear
Run away without a trace

The promises turned to lies
Another on the list
The false loving and affection
Hidden behind the mist

The walls I had to build up
The protection I so need
Lost in all this emptiness
That makes my heart bleed

If only I had realised
Soon enough to know
Then this wouldn't have happened
I wouldn't want to go

Nothing will be the same
I know this even now
I'll survive all this coldness
I'll make it through somehow

So I'll go on pretending
Hiding how I feel
Acting like it doesn't hurt
Not showing what is real

I'll go back to the safety
Push everyone away
Too risky to let them in
It's better off this way

For sure I am over you
But the pain is still there
I'm sick of all this running
But not going anywhere

For now I'll hide behind the lies
That I'm as happy as can be
The only time I'll let it out
Is when I've been set free


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