by Daisy   Jan 22, 2009

Elfstone, a treasure behold,
Worth much more,
Then all the kingdom's gold,
Glittering jewels and robin's silver eggs,
Even more than a mermaids legs*,
The witches of all the seas,
Unearth a thousand treasures and their keys,
All except the Elfstone.
A wonderous thing to own,
A beautiful ruby, diamond, gold,
And thousands of other jewels unknown,
The elfstone is a love potion,
It's a cure for any ill,
It's a absolute honor,
For even the highest skill.
It lies in the mountains of Baint~Doom,
A powerful wizard guards it,
When the sun rises, and down goes the moon,
It will lie there for centuries,
Find it's in many melodies,
For elves children, and theirs too,
Of old, and extreme youth,
All dream of completing this quest,
Of all who failed, even the best,
So they dream on, for the future,
And remember at last,
The Elfstone's mature, old past.


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