Crazy for you

by Searching for Guidance   Feb 11, 2009

The sound of your voice brings tears to my eyes,
Over the phone I choke back wailing cries.
I need to stay strong, stay brave for you.
After all what else is there to do?

You made your decision, you sent yourself away.
You made it so not even for one day,
You could lie in my arms, stay by my side.
Now what am I supposed to do, hide?

Hide from every attractive male that looks my way,
Tell him I'm not single, that I cannot play.
Well that's not true, you know it's not,
You made the decision before you met me, or so you thought.

But you make it every day when you stretch yourself thin,
When you push back the date for when we may begin,
Our lives together, a normal relationship,
So talking to you I may touch your lip.

You don't want me, or you want something more.
You want everything, life can't be a bore.
But can you look at me and tell me what I'm supposed to do?
I'm supposed to long for only you, supposed to stay true?

I love you dear, this much I know,
But you can truly never show,
How much you love me until you're here.
Until at least you can lie near,

Near to me and hear me breathe.
Wake up next to me, then sigh in relief.
I feel so desperate and alone.
For when you're gone I'm just a clone,

Of someone who once was strong
Our relationship daily becomes more wrong.
I'm sold to you, I'm head over heels
I couldn't get away on the fastest of wheels.

So I guess what they say must be true,
A woman in love is hopeless, because I'm crazy for you.


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