by Searching for Guidance   Mar 25, 2009

Can't see what I'm texting through the tears
What has happened fulfils the worst of my fears
If you love someone is it true that you let them go?
I can't say goodbye until I let her know
Those things she heard, they're all lies
Or why would I repress somber cries?
She was my best friend, my first mate
The first one I'd call for a lunch date.
We did silly things, sang to lame songs
But all of that can't outweigh the wrongs
The things she heard though they're not true
Can surely unravel, surely undo
The bond it's taken so long to form
The way life went along feeling norm
We helped each other through rough times
By laughing and making up random rhymes
We helped each other to stay strong
When so many things went so wrong
I respected her and tried to be
The best friend I would want for me
But at some point all of this changed
The moment our lives rearranged
We no longer knew how to keep that bond
We no longer appeared to feel so fond
Of being in each other's company
Surely it was not felt solely by me
I wanted to hold on, to not let go
But now when I am feeling so low
I look back at all the times we shared
And see that we both truly cared
Friends may come and friends may leave
And through this gentle pattern I weave
A scrapbook in my memory
Best friends forever with Emalee.


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