Dedicated to ADR

by Pocket Sze   Apr 10, 2009

You have always been there for them. Guiding them through problems they've never been through. Saving them from choices that won't help them succeed in life. Helping them through rough points in life. They could go to you for anything, knowing in their heart you won't hurt them. You move them in many ways. They have a different perspective on life, in their life. In their eyes they were nothing. In your heart, a helpless, lonely person. In their heart, there isn't a reason for them to be living. Everyday they live in loneliness. You make it your job to touch, that person in life and heart. Open their eyes to show them the real world. Bring back the person thats hiding behind a mask. Help them reveal their true colors. show the true compassion, they have been searching their life for. Be their BEST FRIEND!

Dedicated to ADR!

Hayley A. Moleski


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