No Wall too Thick

by Artemis Night   Apr 12, 2009

She built a wall of thread to try and keep the whole world out.
He came right by and with some wind he blew the whole the thing down.

She built a wall of tar to keep what's said out from her ears
So then he brought some fire to try and melt away those fears.

She built a wall of papers really long and piled high
So what he chose was air again to make those paper's fly.

To make herself feel real secure, she built it out of brick
He simply fought it off with earth, the wall was not too thick.

So then she chose thick sugar and made herself a real sweet wall
But all it took was water to make that tasty sculpture fall.

So what was there to build it from if nothing could withstand?
To look around and what she saw: the hold out of a hand.

"I'll walk with you and listen, too, but don't you run away
I promise so that I won't go, I am here to stay"


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