How much i love you

by JuggaloHomies   Apr 23, 2009

I wasn't much of a person
who was into love
it wasn't anything i wanted
i knew about heartaches
and the tears shed for it
but i promised myself
to never love anyone or anything
but myself and what i do
but then i met you....
you changed my world
you made me feel....
this burning inside that
i never felt before...
ill admit i was scared at first
but the more i was around you
the hotter it got and the better i felt
it was like you were burning my inside
but these little words cant explain
that how you made me feel
was something so real
then i finally fell in love
i cared for you more then i did myself
my mind and thoughts
were nothing else but you
but when you left i was lost
i didn't know what to do
now I'm here thinking of you
and how much i love you


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  • Well i though it was very beautiful and loving and u can tell u really like this person but she really really loves it's and it touching her heart

    keep up the amazing work sweetie.

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