Next Day's First Breath.

by Not Bulletproof   May 17, 2009

With eyes as sweet as moon's first glow
and lips more tasty than any cake I know;
your smile fills my heart with heat,
and the words you speak are ever sweet.

I love you more than I could ever say
and this love for you grows more each day.
It fills my life and it feeds my soul,
for without you, I could never be whole.

Thinking of you puts a smile on my face;
makes my heart beat at twice the pace,
and my only hope is to have you forever
because I know that we are perfect together.

When the sun sinks low into the sky,
I await your arms to hold me high.
Your hugs, kisses, and warmth of touch,
fill me with a happiness that I love so much.

At the end of day, I have you there,
to hold on to tightly, to love and to care.
I watch you sleep, and I dream of you
and babe, I know you dream of me too.

So when I wake to next morning's light,
I love to see you there with eyes so bright;
give a kiss so sweet to start my day,
and boy, I wish for it to be no other way.

I love you.

Sarah Gammon ©

Thank you for reading -xxx-.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Ixora

    Simply gorgeous! I love this poem it is deep and seems real not hopeful. I think that is its main appeal to me. The structure is well created and the poem simply flows as I assume your love for one another does; it is not forced. Best of luck to you both!

  • 9 years ago

    by Ben

    Hey, long time no talk, i wish i could speak thisn well, its awesomeee, and you leave me behind. i hope everything is awesomee, please keep in touchhh, i miss you Sarah. Laters,