Elmos World Elmos world

by Chicken Soup   May 18, 2009

Elmo's world is crazy
You see In Elmo's world Bert's head popped in his Hit
In Elmo's world Big Birds taking Dip
In Elmo's world Dracula's got no sun block
In Elmo's world Ernie got rocked
In Elmo's world Oscar the Grouch was Eaten for Lunch
In Elmo's World Cookie Master Met his natural Disaster When he ran into Cookie Crisp Jack He got whacked
In Elmo's world Sesame Street got there Defeat
It was over when the hood went to town
As soon as they got there Elmo was taken out
This is what the street is all about
Not some street Niggaz
Who Figgaz Hey we All Nice an Jolly
Hello there, meet my friend Shoty


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