There Was A Boy Who Loved A Girl.. While Another Loved Him

by StuPiD FrEaK   May 25, 2009

Remember the boy who loved a girl?
He lost his love; it crashed his world
It was a tragedy but he's unaware
A hope will come from his despair..

He never showed another smile
And tried to take away his life
The memory and regret: They ran on his mind
He never thought that he would find

Before the snow, a girl arrived
She smiled at him; he wondered why
"You looked so sad and so I tried
To just at least bring back your smile."

He looked at her and then remembered
She was the girl who always bothered
To talk to him despite his ignoring
She never gave up and kept on smiling

"I know you lost her but you should move on
Holding unto the past is always wrong
You love her much and that, I know
But then again, you have to let go"

She went away and left him after
While loving that someone, he was loved by another
She never confessed 'cause she knew they're in love
She was one-sided; his love, she never had

When the one he loved had passed away,
He packed his bags and found a place
While he was mourning, a girl was searching
Her unrequited love has pushed her to find him

When, at last, they had met, she saw his tears
Both of them hadn't gotten over after those years
She forced a smile and cheered him up
A thing she couldn't do was to give him up

She loved him much; He was her world
But he was in love with a another girl
A tragedy happened that changed the story
A boy loved a girl while another loved him


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