You wonder

by Summerbaby18   Jun 4, 2009

You wonder when you look at me
or when you look my way
Why I'm so in love with you,
or why I want to stay.

I find ways to tell you,
But it's never good enough,
To show you all my feelings
You know it's pretty tough.

You wonder what I;n thinking
Or why I do the things I do.
I try to give you hints
But you still have no clue.

You wonder about us
and where we might go.
I want to tell you forever,
but my feelings just won't show.

I love the way you are.
Plus the simple things you do.
I promise it's all real
My feelings are sincere and true.

You think that you're invisible
but you're there in front of me.
Because of you there's nothing,
but you are the only one I see.

You say I don't show my feelings.
But I show you all my signs.
Just how much I love you,
Feeling lucky you're all mine.

You believe I don't want to be with you.
But you are all that I really need.
Just to be in your arms forever,
would make me feel like I had succeed.

You say that I don't listen.
But I hear every little word.
Your words sound so sweetly.
Like a beautiful hummingbird.

You wonder about my feelings.
But it's right in front of you.
I wish you knew my feelings
Or believe me that it's all true.


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