by Summerbaby18   Jun 8, 2009

Every time you're near me
I always lose my mind.
Not able to believe it's real
Just knowing that you're mine.

The butterflies in my stomach,
Flutter with such ease.
My smile will not go away,
The butterflies won't leave.

Every time you smile at me,
My insides jump around.
Sometimes when I speak,
I barely make a sound.

Every beat that my heart makes
are only just for you.
I try to believe it's a dream,
But you keep insisting it's true.

Every time I think of you,
My knees get insanely weak.
The more I try to talk to you,
It's difficult to even speak.

Before you were in my life,
I felt I was always wrong.
I felt like I meant nothing,
I was devastated for so long.

With all the heartbreaks,
you managed to pull me through.
My heart is all patched up together
Like nothing happened and it's new.

No one really understands,
Why or how much I love you.
Every time I try to explain
It's still hard for them to know it's true.

Every time you look my way,
I finally know the truth
You love me for me,
and there's nothing else you'd rather do.

Every time you're near me,
I always lose my mind.
Not able to believe it's real,
Just knowing you're all mine.


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