by Summerbaby18   Jun 8, 2009

I've been longing for someone,
To make me smile and free.
Longing to feel wanted,
Or just someone to love me.

Longing to be with someone,
who will always take my side
No matter if I'm wrong or make mistakes,
Making me feel strong butterflies.

Someone who will always care
Who never wants to fight.
No one who will never hurt me,
Making me smile when I sleep at night.

Longing for him near me.
To take my breath away.
With his love so endearing,
With me, he'd want to stay.

Longing for a boy,
who's never going to hide.
The one who's always proud.
And never afraid to show his pride.

Longing for him to be with me,
waiting every single day.
Hoping that he'll look at me.
And finally look my way.

Longing for that smile,
to be because of me.
Knowing that he could,
making me smile with glee.

Longing for him close to me.
To make him understand
Making me blush happily
as he softly kisses my hand.

Here he is in front of me.
With a smile pure and true.
Hopefully he finally realized
I've been really longing you.


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  • 9 years ago

    by lizz

    I can really relate to this..very good and hope someday youll find your love (hope i will too :(

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