Poems About Desired Love

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  • Greatest Gift of all (3) 1

    by Aearion

    There are gifts of many treasures
    For both the young and old...

  • Stuck 2

    by Mimi

    I saw you at school today
    Chatting with your friends...

  • My Dearest Kelcie,

    by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop

    Have I told you today,
    How beautiful you are...

  • Seeking Tranquillity (2) 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Another shrouded Moon of despair
    Both glowering, and glowing...

  • Truly (1) 1

    by Kate

    I play movie scenes of the two of us in my head...
    It’s strange how easily you take over my senses...

  • When I sit and think about you
    I lift my face towards the blue...

  • Insecurities (1) 1

    by Skyfire

    Winter warmth
    felt icy, so I ran...

  • I just close my eyes for you to appear
    Your image always instantly ignites...

  • Broken Promises 1

    by Dark Lord

    Broken promises, crushing my dreams,
    From deep inside, I just want to scream...

  • Just A Dream

    by Dark Lord

    I close my eyes, and see you there,
    You look in my eyes, and I stop and stare...

  • Dust 1

    by Mimi

    When I was a child
    I used to sit in the sun-drenched living room...

  • Flames of Love (4) 2

    by Walter

    The longer I wait, the more I will lust
    No matter how you're making time stand still...