Poems About Desired Love

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  • Please recover

    by Shane

    I really took a leap with you
    I jumped into your pool of gold...

  • help him choose

    by MSz iiZzii

    listen closely,
    What you are afraid of telling me i know already...

  • She was passing coastlessly across the coasts
    when I saw her...

  • Facade 1

    by Shane

    i wish you wouldn't ignore me
    especially when I'm standing right next to you...

  • Night So Bright

    by Aearion

    Sitting here at the beach observing
    Watching the ocean waves come roaring...

  • Begin Again (1) 3

    by Kate

    I rest my head on my pillow
    And let it soak up my dreams...

  • Moody Sahara (4) 2

    by Maher

    Beneath the sun lay blackened crows,
    the only shade in sight...

  • Blue Eyes Dreaming (2) 4 WIN

    by eezebard

    Not far it was from Heaven...

  • If I Could be a Poem With You 1

    by Tony Grannell

    I’d rise before the early birds
    and douse my verse with morning dew...

  • Drifted Apart

    by Imperfection

    We’ve drifted apart
    It’s like I’ve lost my heart...

  • Eyes (1) 2

    by Sreta Ravichandran

    Stomach full of thousand butterflies,
    Heart keeps jumping in and out...

  • Sonnet 06 1

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    How with such abundant rivers you speak
    And murmuring your uttered words do sound...