Poems About Desired Love

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  • All of me

    by Imperfection

    I dream, I dream of the day I can show
    I dream of the day you will know...

  • My Galaxy Rose: (4) 4

    by Scott Cole

    My eyes have never beheld a view
    With a celestial body as dazzling as you...

  • If your eyes should gaze upon
    A beauty such as she...

  • Wherest Art Thou: (9) 4

    by Scott Cole

    Wherest art thou my love
    For I've looketh far and wide...

  • It's gotten to that point.
    Every second I'm thinking of you and what you are...

  • Buddy, Never Boo

    by Chavi Anderson

    Forever the buddy,
    Never the boo...

  • Sunset, the perfect moment.
    We had finally settled down on our beach towels...

  • Evasion

    by Vynn

    You are a floating desire in my wicked mind
    Like a boat in the shore wanting to sail...

  • I wish I am there to see your smile
    How you smile so big and sweet...

  • Waiting

    by Vynn

    Until when will I wait for you
    In my life, nobody can replace you...

  • A Man

    by Vynn

    Once there was a man too strong and powerful
    That no one can fight him and claiming his a king...

  • Feeling

    by Vynn

    What's this feeling I feeling right now
    Feeling that I shouldn't felt it somehow...