High school

by bekka dollface   Aug 5, 2009

Freshman year
flies by so fast
you find new friends
and forget the past

sophomore year
is where things complicate
you've got grades and parties
even lose friends due to mistakes

junior year
you're almost there
you find your true friends;
you find out who really cares.

senior year
is where things really matter;
you've built so many bonds
just to watch them shatter.

when you throw your caps
into the night sky
you dont even realize it
but you've just said goodbye.

goodbye to school bells ringing
and lunch time conversations
goodbye to all of your drama
and awkward situations

goodbye to seeing your friends
from the morning to the afternoon
goodbye to knowing that when the day's over
you'll see them all again soon.

goodbye to all of the cliques
and gross cafeteria food
goodbye to the wonderful faces
of most everyone you knew

you build such a bond
in the duration of your four years
you get so close to these people,
then watch it disappear.

it's like a toddler with his building blocks
he'll build it up to watch them fall
then all you're left with are high school memories
nothing more, nothing at all.


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