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the names bekka<3 i can light up your world! big heartfelt dreams is what im about<3 i stand 5'6 & i blow candles on 11.19<3 Twenty and single :)

i skip & hold hands with my friends
.i laugh til my belly hurts.
im wild, crazy, rowdy, loud, and a total dork, but youll learn to love me
.im super bubbly & love talking.
i can light up your night sky
.i love to live & i live to love.
i write poetry to escape
.i smile because i can.
grudges are a waste of my time
.i never stay upset for too long.
rainbows are beautiful
.i wear sunscreen indoors.
natural beauty beats makeup anyday
.im unorthodox.
i dance because its my addiction
.kisses on the cheek make me smile.
i dont break my pinky promises
.i love you.

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  • Age : 20
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  • Bet you thought id fall for you, bet you thought id give in, but im not about to let you hurt me, im making sure it wont happen again <3

    10 years ago
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  • Baby be my remedy
    plese come and fix me
    you seem to be exactly what i need
    baby be my remedy

    10 years ago
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  • She's not all that great,
    you're heart's gonna break.
    she'll be your biggest mistake,
    that girl's so fake.

    10 years ago
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