Extra love

by Joe Moore   Aug 30, 2009

It was Fourth of July weekend
Piedmont Park
Sun shining
Lovers walking
The way you love for your day to begin

It's about 8:30 a.m.
Grass still wet
Fog beginning to lift
When I feel the wind
Start to shift

It felt like it needed to
Cool me
It blew over me
Surrounded me
As if it wanted to play

It stroked my bald head
Blew grace my way
Brought me a feather
From a dove
Felt like the wind was giving me extra love

The day's getting warm
Grill smoking
Music serenading
My woman in the shade
Her feet rubbing against mine

Then she moves closer
Grabs my hand
Tells me she enjoying
Spending time
As her hair the wind is blowing

She pulls it of her face
One finger slide
from forehead to chin
it was so sexy it was
damn near a sin

she put her head
on my chest and
showed me what
rubs are made of
I knew at that moment
I was getting extra love

Then there came a kiss
I couldn't dismiss as a
Casual slip of the lip
For it was preceded by
Her tender fingertips

And now my face
With her hands
She grips

Tongue excited
Passions ignited
Now she's on me
Pelvis to pelvis

Extra love had lit a spark
One so intense
One so intense
I almost forgot
We were at the park

Sun has set
We've played
From dawn to dark
The sky begins to light up
As fireworks start

Like stars bursting
Bombs hurling
The booms are introducing
The light displays
That are so soothing

Some times there are days
That you have to say
That God and the Angels
Are watching you
From above

For they
Have a way
To convey
That this is known as
Extra love


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