Poems About Independence Day

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  • How does it make sense
    It just doesn’t make sense...

  • Independence Day (2) 1

    by Ebic_ Gamer

    On this independence Day.
    We look back at the years that has past...

  • HERO (acrostic) (1) 2

    by chrissy carter

    He/She who fought for my freedom, I thank you.
    Every time I see a soldier, I say thank you...

  • My thoughts on this Fourth (1) 2


    My thoughts on this Fourth
    As the Sun rose upon the vast beachheads of...

  • Freedom (3)

    by monika

    nature of joyfulness;and...

  • July 4th Of Many Firsts (1)

    by Hawk Flight

    The fireworks explode above my head
    lighting up my daughters faces...

  • The fourth

    by Michael D Nalley

    I had such a bang
    on the 4th of july...

  • 21 days to freedom (1)

    by Darren

    **resubmitted and edited
    Two numbers that can change a memory...

  • Bedlam in Burbia

    by Andrew Packard

    The fireflies were still out
    just before sunrise...

  • Truth Spoken (1)

    by Sarah

    On the cross, hangs my King,
    Beaten, bruised, not broken...

  • Indepedence Day (5)

    by Michael D Nalley

    The tea went in the sea
    It started with a Big Bang...

  • I Earnestly Advice

    by Ravindra Kumar

    From central part of whirling fast unsteady...
    I hear the sigh dissolve with many annihilated...