Love seems so important now adays

by Famous Armenian   Sep 12, 2009

Love seems so important these days,
not knowing love can disapear in one glaze,
surviving love by your prays,
crying out loud when being played games,
hating your partner,
feeling the karma,
hating your life,
hoping and praying you could just die,
love at once, then the whole thing became a lie
at first they both loved to be loved,
she hated him because she got diseased, because he wasnt gloved,
he played it out, left her, married someone else,
when she died, she left nothing behind but prides


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  • 8 years ago

    by Hollywood

    Humm this poem. Is interesting. Love is blind. People think that since they "love" one another that they shouldnt protect themselves but they should things like this happen everyday and it is such a casuality.
    I liked the thought that went into this though.
    Take care,