Love, Life

by lina   Sep 14, 2009

When you find someone you love you forgot the pain and hardship you felt all the time in the past. You look toward the future and hope for the best. When you finally know you are falling in love you treasure every second you have with the one you love. When you talk to them the hours melt into minutes and you feel as though nothing can go wrong. Your life as you knew it changes and you are smiling more and feel like you have grown up and you don't want to go back, just keep moving forward. You share special memories with that person that you never want to let go of and you smile and tell yourself this is the one, this is the one I love and want to be with forever. But if forever doesn't work then I want to spend as much time with you as I possibly can. You tell that special someone you love them and give them a kiss and you are happy. Love doesn't last forever but it can last long enough for you to realize that that someone is someone you love and want to be with for a long time if forever doesn't work.


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