My Disease

by Hawaiian Chick   Oct 25, 2009

His love is a poison, running through my blood
it seeps into my inner core and drowns me in sick love
I cannot breathe or think or sleep, I'm dying to escape
but my heart yearns it's unearthly blows, the toxin knows no hate

Inside I love this evil pain, it's better than straight numb
I need someone to stop this, but no outside help will come
He's killing me so ever slow and no one sees it here
but I still love and want him, that's what I truly fear

I'm begging to stop this agony, my love for him is bad
I try to lose the feelings but I remember what we had
He looks at me like I hurt him, like I hurt him everyday
he's tortured inside like I am, he's in pain the very same way

I don't know how to stop this, he wants and loves me too
but something keeps us apart, and there's nothing I can do
I'm afraid the toxin will keep spreading, til' our hearts slowly cease
I can never stop loving him, this feeling is my disease.


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