Moments with Miriam

by john   Nov 5, 2009

Moments with Miriam

1 (written on the inside cover of Anne Sexton's Love Poems)

Miriam - Jan 06'
"my swan, my drudge, my dear wooly rose"
let's read this together while not wearing clothes

"If I asked you to shave your beard, would you?"
"Are you asking me to?"
"well, if I was to ask, would you?"
"probably not"

3 (items 5-6 on the grocery list)

Zantac- because you make my heart burn
Cheese- unless that was enough ^

4 (on a winter day, on the gathering frost of a window)

Love U

5 (a ripped piece of paper, folded and placed within a half empty pack of Marlboro medium 100's)

I took three because I'm out.
And smoking's bad for you.
Only smoke after sex.

With me


"I love you too."


"I just don't think it's enough anymore."


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  • 6 years ago

    by onethuscome

    Like this one.stretches the bonds of typical verse and that,when un-forced,is always welcome.the moments are also varied. it creates a realism to the piece as it is one of memories being revisited