Not just as a friend

by BlEeDiNg FoR tHe OnE i LoVe   Nov 17, 2009

The pain in my heart is growing
Everyday we are apart
The tears in my eyes are building
But I'm afraid to let them start

Start pouring like a faucet
Hit the floor like broken glass
We were once together
And now its all memories for the past

If only you could understand
All the pain built up inside
I just wanna find a deep dark whole
From reality I would hide

Inside my heart is bleeding
If only you could see
For once I was so happy
But its all been stripped from me

I spend all my days and nights crying
Curled up in a ball
Wishing for the day
In which I get that call

The call that says
I want you back
For you simply to want
To get back on track

I know that day wont happen
So why even try
The more I think about it
The more and more I cry

I want to go back to the days
In which you were mine
The days it was just us two
And everything was fine

Even thoug its over
And now our chapter must end
I love you, I love you
JoAnna, and not just as a friend!!!!


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