Think Twice About Demise

by Silently He walks   Nov 25, 2009

Turn a blind side to pain and suffering
Turn a blind side to lost and forgotten dreams
Move on from depressive thoughts of suicide
Say there's always someone else that has it worse than I.

Build the courage up and finally take control
Fear can be defeated by a bruised and battered soul.
Scars are only signs of obstacles overcome
When you wake up in the morning and a new day has begun.

Don't embrace the silence of your own solitude
Or think to take for granted all that was achieved by you.
Take pride in something you really like to do.
Devote your time to building a more strong and stable you.

Defend yourself from sorrow and negativity
Create your happiness and possibilities
For when you sit down at an older more wise age
You'll thank yourself for sticking around through the bitter days


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