What a dream it was!!!

by MS Multani   Dec 12, 2009

Last night I was dreaming
I saw You
while sleeping
unlike reality
it was amazingly beautiful
in totality
what a dream it was
I soo, wanted it to last
but dreams are dreams
distort visions of night
bringing desires to surface
and thoughts to unite

we were living
just across a line
called line of control
I saw your sister wondering
taking a stroll
asked her about You
can I get through?
she said yes
but I was such a mess
so we went shopping
somehow, shopping for a cell
so that she can call
before I could ring the bell

suddenly I was at Your door
how?,, I dont remember no more hhe hhe
anyway,I saw You
and just that very moment
felt so true
a calm end
to a long chase
out of everything
all I remember
is Your face
rest all was hazy
I was going weak and crazy
started fidgeting as usual
guess I wasnt sure
if i was appealing or a complete fool

before I could pause and see
You were walking towards me
simply devine
and I was thinking
is He really mine
and then we hugged
as I remember it
it was enchanting
as if I was truly living it
Your stubble against my skin
your soul embracing me from within
I lost my every sense
felt that vibe so intense
as if it was really You
holding me in Your arms
and seeing me through

then I opened my eyes
it was a dream
yet, felt so real and supreme
it was still night and dark
and I knew
I've only reached half mark
more is to come
this dream hv just begun
went back to sleep again
to continue this chain
surprisingly, saw You there too
this time in a fair, me and You hhe hhe
having fun
and so it begun
we walked
holding hands
singing songs
doing the dance
I remember us kissing too
not sure, alot or few LOL

before I could dream away
it was another day
morning has arrived
getting ready for a new stride
I woke up all smitten
as if I was under a spell
still remember the way
You held me
and the way I dwelt
how my heart raced
and exactly how I felt

what a dream it was
I soo, wanted it to last


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