by kidheir   Jan 14, 2010

Your silky long hair rested upon your face...your beautiful almond eyes your long eyelashes fluttering as you speak the look you give me as our eyes meet your small nose that tilts slightly up and your beautiful face matched by none...your cute small pink colored lips soft to the touch...your fine bone structure as i stroke the hair away from your face as i embrace your gaze...our eyes meet and we stare into the void of each others soul just to feel the essence of our lips embrace as i secure your body against mine i place my hand on your hip to feel the outline of your we dodge looks of your family like we were in the front line of we enter the climax begin to part and ill give the world to have the feeling that you bestowed upon me when our lips parted ways and we began to gaze into the depths of our your reaction became clear you dropped to my chest i embrace you with my arms and protect you with my live i leave you with a kiss on your forehead to say its OK ill always be here as you rise and bestow a kiss upon my cheek i realize this is real and i kissed a woman who makes an angel green with jealousy of her matter how hard i try words are never enough the English language cant even do your beauty justice cause God raised mountains and he created the sun but his greatest accomplishment of beauty was the making of you


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  • 8 years ago

    by nikki

    Awwww! that was cute i loved it!