Jedi i love

by kidheir   Jan 17, 2010

I know she likes me a lot but sometimes she plays mind games
so bad i feel like I'm up against a Jedi
this Jedi i love
with her dual light-saber in her hand
swinging cutting the strings till i surrender to her demands
this Jedi mind trick that keeps making me fall apart
push,pull, push, pull
is all she seems to do
she doesn't even have to touch me
and I'm going in the direction she wants me to
i saw her and i knew she was no sith
but I'm contemplating it now cause the clones she chills with ain't cool
and I'm hoping to be her king amadalo if shes my Ana liestalker
but the force seems to be to strong in this one
for her lies go up and over
she seems to even glide around never touching the ground
the shocks of lightning that burst from her fingertips
seems to much to handle
always got bounty hunters that chase her around
in a never ending struggle with the droids
when will it end
it seems in this galaxy far far away a very long time ago
this one girl who had a chock hold on me
seems to wear a mask now and pull the strings behind the scenes
her power has grown stronger and her light-saber has gone darker
but she made a palace in the sky where only me and her reside
maybe its just another mind trick
i don't know all i do know is all is fair when your in love with a Jedi


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