Lovers Quarrel

by Natalie84   Jan 18, 2010

Anger rules the moment
Betrayed and alone
My heart has been broken
Hateful words exploded
Damaging the beauty once known

Tomorrow if we should smile again
Life still won't be the same
You can't take it back
Those words are branded
Branded within my mind
And upon my heart
Never to be erased

Should we forgive each other
I will never forget
The pain of tonight
Can never be forgotten
A sleepless night
Always to be remembered

My love could never change
Yet this moment can't be repaired
Nothing is more hurtful
Than the word spoken from anger
Tonight you took a piece of me
And I've never felt such pain

No more tears will be cried
No more time will be wasted
I am moving on
With you by my side
Or without you if you wish
You shall decide...


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  • 8 years ago

    by Angie

    Very sad and heartfelt, we can always forgive but sometimes can not forget, these things happen in relationships, but when the love is strong enough it can endure anything, hang in there girl...

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