Joy and sorrow

by MS Multani   Jan 24, 2010

Joy and sorrow
like past and tomorrow
joy,,, a dreamy past
and sorrow from dream
that never did last
to beholder's eye
what differs,,,
to smile or sigh????
to cry with pain????
or opt to learn again????
whatever done
greif or pleasure
what matter is NONE
because lesson of past
walks in tomorrow
always webbed
like joy and sorrow
sad eyes
wonder for happiness
eventually wither away
nothing stays forever
we all are jst
feeble prey
at mercy of this life
pain and smile
alwaz find its way inside
its all wonderful sequel
of happy delights
followed by
mournfull nights
no one can help
no one could escape
the vicious fate
and that stinging scrape
so take it th way YOU want
a lesson you learned
or a memory that haunt
whatever YOU do
the wisdom is YOU


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by Lucas Woods

    "the wisdom is you" those are truly the experiences of joy and sorrow.

    • 10 months ago

      by MS Multani

      It makes us grow and not get old, n dats d trick my friend