Comments : Unconditional love

  • 7 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    I'm not who I once was,
    seen through my eyes.
    hate no longer resides.
    the love that never perishes my heart that cant be extinguished.
    this fire stirring in my soul.
    jumping and worship giving my all.
    waiting for the day when you choose to reign
    we've been chose by your love to spread your word
    this feeling that is unconditional
    when we don't even know
    sitting all alone
    thinking we're the ones at fault
    or that we're so high and might we will never fall
    you've been there
    breathing down our necks
    speaking sonnet after haiku
    till the wind died out
    you were always in my ear
    spreading joy and cheer
    when I was down and out your love raised me and brung me in
    for a stranger you stood up and never looked back
    you've seen my sins and what i have done
    and for this stranger you saw past it and you paid the bill
    your love overcame the hurt we did
    your love given us what we needed
    you are the definition of love
    when all was forgotten you peeked at my soul
    and spoke softly to my heart
    the words you uttered touched the depths of my thoughts
    you never ran
    never hid
    you never stood behind a garbage lid
    but I know you walked right by my side
    and when life became to hard and happened to stumble and fall
    from your love you reached a hand out and lifted me on your back
    and walked till i was able to stand again
    you who has seen my face before I even first looked in a mirror
    you who has given me the love that a wife and mother would envy
    you who has given me so much
    and received so little
    you who I give my life to
    for the love you give only grows and never fails
    for you're my father, my GOD, my lord and my savior
    The title says it all, though the rest is beautiful anyway it is written.

  • 6 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    Great contemparary style No caps on the i expesses humility and the poem contains so much depth I could writ a book on it . I would not bore you with that though years latter you could find something you may not of been conscious of while writeing under the influence of uconditional love