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I Michael D Nalley am the author of the book The Balance of the Heart Soul and Mind Chemical Balance Through Spirituality You can find more of my poems at poetrypoems poetryjunction I write under the pen name poetrymd
I am also proud to announce publications in Cyberwit.net Explorers A Collection of Contemporary literature and the Taj Mahal review.

I am a member of Like a flowing river

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  • I would like to believe that the effort the wise men made, lead them to a sacred place. Some men saw angels, while others saw stars. Our common era was once called the year of our Lord . Efforts can be a good thing, but commitments are closer to eternity.

    7 years ago
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  • Out of love, not due to what you may have lost, but what I have.

    7 years ago
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  • I am certain sobriety losses meaning after the dependence on environment comes to a natural end.

    7 years ago
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