As each day passes..

by Geoff Clemence   Mar 2, 2010

Every day is a day that feels like no other when I'm thinking of nothing but you.
Every thing that I think is a thought like no other because everyday my thoughts become true.
Emotions come plenty; my heart feels so full of life and of feelings of ocean deep love.
Pinch me and squeeze me and rattle my cage but from this dream I will never wake up.
You dance through my hair, you crawl through my skin, you are beside me with every stride.
You gathered all of my feelings and passionate love, brought them back from where they once did hide.
Complete as you are I know there is still is more in the places where I'm yet to explore.
Give me that chance and I'll search all my life for it is you who I long to adore.
You speak with such tones that your voice is so soothing; it comforts and makes me feel safe.
It reminds me of when I was the age of a child and I could hide in that one special place.
Your eyes come to greet me in such a warm stare; its as if this world has no wrong.
They capture our moment in a hypnotic trance and convince me it's where I belong.
So dance with me slowly through this journey of life and hold nothing as if it will last.
I'll love you much more as the day becomes night and as each night calls the dawn on to pass...


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