I hate loving you...

by Geoff Clemence   Mar 20, 2010

We laughed we cried we smiled we sighed we danced to songs of love.
We walked along a lonely shore we saw shapes in the clouds above.
We calmed the seas we cooled the flames we shook down the autumn leaves
We saw corners of the world in hand we told stories beyond belief
I let you into my heart so deep I shared with you all of my dreams
I told you all my silenced truths dismantled my walls took down my darkest screens
A silky cloud is where I sat and I saw life as I have never before
You were my friend my love my life you were everything I adore
Your passions grew your needs did too your wants became ever so clear
You had me near my strength my desires of never showing dread or fear
I helped you carve the path you walked which led you to your ultimate dreams
I stood beside you all the way as it was you who I wanted to love and to please
As time dissolved with the years you grew and your directions began to steer
Toward a place of no return a space with out any room for me to adhere
Denial seeps through every thought your life is just in a controlled meaningless faze
My own wants and needs and feelings are covered now by an uncomfortable uneasy haze
I speak to deaf ears and act to blind eyes I see nothing but uncomfortable motives
Your once supple words are now dry without feelings as I notice your alternatives
Your eyes have changed colour from blue into black they are cold like never before
Your jeans are now dresses your shorts are now skirts they are clothes that you never wore
I tell you I love you I say everything that once upon a time it would shed you a tear
You repeat the words not as you stare at the floor sending pitiless emotions of fear
You tell me we are over you tell me we are through this whole dream that was once my life
I stare at you softly and wonder why this whole love has turned out not so right.
My feelings are now choked full of hurt and despair and of wonders of what I should do
As I sit all alone I can think nothing except of how much I now hate loving you...


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