Strawberry cough drops

by writersxblock   May 4, 2010

Chills burn though my legs and hit my bones with a shock.

Drowning my mouth in strawberries and cream cough drops as I try not to think to hard.

Bite down, and bite down hard. I am living, you are alive. 3, 2, 1, now.

Keeping my cool is absolutely nothing new. As cool as the minty flavor permeating my tongue.

It gives me inspiration, anything to feel just a little bit more capable.

Well here is when it all unwinds. The reality sets in.

When most are asleep, even you and every taste bud is masked with the unmistakable flavor of thought. This is when small things dont matter.

Keep the sugar under my tongue for as long as possible and feel the sweetness burn.

It burns a hole in my lip, and I swallow.


Try not to choke. Try not to cough. Try to write it down. Try to say the right thing. Try to be better.

Time is passing too fast. The air outside is too chilled to be may.

I turn the dial on my glowing radio, alternate from quiet to louder, and back to quiet.

Pull the sheets up, and kick them violently off. All is black and white.

Comforting? All I can feel is the taste of the sugary zinc sliding in my throat.

Im not even sick, I just like the taste. Insomnia at its best.

Nothing new is playing but I recognize the lyrics. The beat is masked by the sound of the air, the sweetness on my lips.

All that matters are the lyrics, all that matters are the words.

Please dont go.


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