I started slow..

by Mitelia   May 14, 2010

Raping bones



Feels like a secret.

Blue is my favorite

shade of comatose.


where they have me,

wounded circles, pebbles

(holds blatantly barred)

and something like our old

burnt sunflowers,

dipping, wounded vessels,

in the sap of

my bones/

(because I want you deeper,)

even if we’re figurative.

sipping from lips we’ll never kiss,

dining on hopes and

sunset summers

(the prospect of it,


have this inept feeling that the

shy looks will fade

more than


crossed eyes, chapped


shocking white

cotton, red skin,

big hands, fly away


mirrors (wish I/you could see)

carry me away in that

red Polska t-shirt,

stripping blue layers, you

drive me crazy,

not you,

your shadow,

[your words.]


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