Dream, Love, Repeat.

by christina marie   Jul 1, 2010

I turned off the lamp that was beside the bed because
I don't want you to see me like this; listless, envious...
Your body lies still in slumber and I'm wondering now:
Maybe it wasn't the envy or my somber sense of indecisiveness
Because the moon outlined your silhouette
Tangled in sheets of uncertainty and innocence; delightful
You murmured sweet, loving whispers to me from a dream world;
The feelings overwhelmed me as I kissed the hairs on your pillow
And then I turned off the alarm so that you wouldn't wake
I couldn't dare to see those green eyes wake so abrupt
Eyelids scanned from side to side, so gently, so natural
Heavy breath, heavy breath, as the sun slowly comes up
Streaks of morning lights filled the bedroom,
Tossing the heavy curtains astray in shame;
Dreamy eyes open to morning, as I lay next to your form
When you murmur sweet loving whispers that echo through my veins


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