I love you but i dont know you anymore

by Famous Armenian   Aug 4, 2010

I dont see why i should prove u anything
did u so many favors, one should at least be something
im sick and tired of seeing you change
you were my motavation,
were my hope
were my love
were my heart
i did what it takes to keep you clean,
you is something i havent seen,
changed overnight,
i dont know what happened to you
we know each other for years and were best friends
were lovers, got to a point i was gona marry you,
but now your dirty, look at yourself, your a mess,
left your lover hurt
told me that i was blessed
but your the one im worried about,
everytime i try to help you,
you slap me
yell at me
fight with me
blaming me for your mess because of ur dirty life
whats done is done and you cant take it back
only person can make u smile anytime is me
youve always told me that happily
just dont look back and remeber me
because you lost your chance the second time you fcuked up baby


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