Two weeks, too long.

by Not Bulletproof   Dec 6, 2010

"Say when
And my own two hands will comfort you
Tonight, tonight.
Say when
And my own two arms will carry you
Tonight, tonight."

One foggy night I looked into the sky
and alone stood a star; a blinking eye.

I believe there is hope for the lonely;
I believe there is hope for me.

And alas you stood there on the street,
looking so nervous, watching your feet.

I had to know what you would taste like;
it was the best, my heartbeat did spike.

Damaged goods have never been so beautiful;
damaged goods have never been so wonderful.

I want to calm your soul and soothe your heart,
you've had me interested since the start.

You fill my body with warmth and wholeness
that always seems to leave me breathless.

I have a distaste for myself that you work past.
May be more than a booty call; I want this to last.

Whether six or eight minutes, you are bliss,
so I shall seal this poem with a kiss.

-Sarah Gammon ©

Beginning quotes is from "Say When" by The Fray
For someone I am becoming quite fond of.


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